About Us


About US

The Paisley Pipers Limited is not just an entertainment company. We set the highest standards of musicality and true value for money. We achieve this by adopting 3 core principles:


Our mission is to ensure that we provide you with only the most capable musicians and performers available. Not only do we make technical ability a mandatory pre-requisite, we also interview and brief all of our crew before they represent The Paisley Pipers at your event. This ensures they have the charm, enthusiasm and personal commitment we demand.


We take a very personal approach to the relationship we create with all of our clients. We want to build meaningful relationships rather than purely contractual ones. When The Paisley Pipers are booked for an event, we take this agreement as a personal invitation to what we recognise could be one of the biggest day of your life! We want to honour that by providing a service that is memorable, special and unique. 


By maintaining our own high standards of professionalism, we know that we deliver a consistent standard of excellence across our entire company. It is this culture that helps us foster innovation and continual improvement.