The Paisley Pipers Ceilidh Band


The Paisley Pipers Ceilidh Band fill the floor every time!

The three-piece band is comprised of exceptional young musicians who lift traditional ceilidh music by adding their own exciting style! A blend of pipes, whistles, guitars, fiddles and thumping percussion will have your guests jigging around the dance floor all night long. 

New to ceilidh? No need to worry! Before each dance, the band will talk the group through the steps to ensure that everyone is able to get on the floor and dance their socks off!

Our Standard Package includes 3 hours of ceilidh dancing with some short breaks in between for the band. (And ceilidh dancers!)

Our Deluxe Package gives you the same 3 hours of music but also includes 2 of our fantastic highland dancers! The dancers will help to demonstrate the steps to the guests as well as lead groups and motivate people onto the floor!

If you are interested in booking the band, or just want to chat about what they could do for you, please contact us!